Financial advisors: How to strengthen your data security

Data security can include the addition of digital privacy measures that can prevent unauthorised access to websites, databases and computers. This is a global problem, with hackers corrupting data and causing major security risks.

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How do we protect ourselves from the daily threat of cyber attacks? Any business in possession of critical documentation is at risk of becoming a target for online fraud as the number of cyber attack cases aimed at hacking confidential information is at an all-time high. With an increased number of security breaches in the investment industry, financial advisors are questioning whether they are doing everything they can to protect their firms from risk. Many advisors are re-assessing their procedures and internal systems and making changes where necessary.

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User awareness training courses are being implemented that arm advisors with their firm’s cybersecurity program and let them know what policies and procedures are currently in place, what their risks are and how to mitigate them.


Financial advisors need to make themselves aware of their Corporate Governance, Enterprise Risk Management and Corporate Compliance to ensure the protection of clients’ personal information. Make sure your anti-virus software is up to date and set your computer to automatically lock users out after a period of inactivity.


Encryption is a sure defence against hackers as encrypting files helps protect them should physical security measures fail. Encryption is used to protect data in transit, for example, via networks. In addition, data should be encrypted when it’s transmitted across networks to prevent unauthorised users listening in to network traffic.

Back office systems for IFAs are used widely in the investment industry, with many platforms and applications that don’t interface with customers but help with the backbone of administrative work.

Financial advisors are educating their employees about dealing with the threat of a cybersecurity. Help has come from the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), who have initiated a series of spot-check exams that some advisory firms must take. The results will show how well-prepared these firms are if an attack happens.

Compliance officials are assessing the efficacy of cybersecurity programmes, putting the necessary protocols in place to root out and respond to any new cyber threats.

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How To Grow Your Blog Following

So, you’ve set up your own blog. You’ve got some engaging content in mind with relevant imagery to match, and an eye-catching design ready to be produced. You’re all set – but how do you overcome the main milestone of actually gaining a reader following? Read our top tips below:

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Make sure your content is something you’d actually read

Rather than writing posts you don’t find interesting for the sake of engaging with hot topics, write about your interests. Not only will your passion for the topic come through naturally when you’re writing, but you’ll enjoy writing the posts more. When you start gaining readers, they’ll more than likely share your interests, and it will be easy to engage with your posts.

Opinions are key

There’s a time and place for an opinion – and your blog is definitely it. Whilst anyone can write about a certain topic, only you can give your take on the matter. Remember, whilst they enjoy your content, your personality is the reason your readers have chosen to follow you specifically. This also provides you with the opportunity to provide any information that your readers might not otherwise know, whether that’s a life experience you’ve had, or an insight into your knowledge on a certain topic.

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Write unique content

Whilst it’s certainly tempting to write about current events, bear in mind that is what many people will be doing. If a reader has already read your content through another site or blogger, it’s less likely they’ll want to read your post. Therefore, whilst there’s no harm in keeping up to date with current events, why not try focussing on an alternative angle to the story, or even a different story altogether, to capture their attention?

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Connect with influencers and colleagues

Networking is an important method of succeeding in the business world, and it’s no different for bloggers. Creating contacts in the blogging industry will enable you to reach a wider following. If you can persuade any established bloggers or vloggers to promote your site, then this will be a huge help in spreading the word about your vlog.… Read More

Best places to use silicone caulk

Silicone caulk is the DIY enthusiast’s friend. It can be a wonderfully versatile substance, and it probably has more uses than most people have contemplated. Know more about what you can do with silicone caulk, and you will not only stay up to date with repairs, but you will ensure none of your caulk ever goes to waste.

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Mind the gap

Silicone sealant is, of course, great for filling gaps. It is a stable substance that moulds to the shape of wherever it is put. So holes in walls from nails, cracks, cavities in brickwork, all can be tackled with caulk. As it is waterproof, it is suitable for interiors and exteriors.

When installing insulation, caulk is effective at closing gaps to increase the efficiency of the insulation. It can be used in attics or ceilings, and as it repels water, it is also very useful in bathrooms and kitchens to prevent water getting into walls or other recesses. Put it around sinks, tiling and to seal the edges around baths and showers for added protection against damp. For more tips on decorating bathrooms, see this report from The Guardian. Caulk will also help to preserve the grout when it is put around the edge of tile work.

Added protection

If drafts are bothering you, silicone caulk is effective too. Use it to fill gaps in the floorboards and the intersections of wall and floor. If the finished floor is to be exposed floor boards, then find a variety of caulk in a colour to match the wood. If the floor is to be covered with carpet then this is not important. Caulk cannot be painted or stained once it is in place.

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If you have new windows installed, then caulk is your material to finish the job. Any gaps that remain can easily be filled with silicone caulk to stop drafts and rain penetrating around the edges. If you want to know more about the properties of silicone sealant, including how to remove old caulk, it would be a good idea to contact experts such as

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An introduction to safe pallet racking operating procedures

Racking pallets offers many benefits in terms of storage and logistics and is both an economical and efficient warehousing technique. However, it doesn’t come without its fair share of risk to the product and employees, and therefore, the business too. In recent years, pallet systems have been growing higher and higher. The weight and volume of goods stacked has also been increasing. Collapses have happened and injuries, including fatal injuries, have occurred. For this reason, it is essential that safe racking is employed.

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Covering basic safety

In any warehouse environment using pallets, three essential ground rules should be followed. Firstly, all racking must have signage concerning safe operating loads. Secondly, all employees involved in racking, forklift operation and related equipment must be trained and licensed. Lastly, inspections should be carried out frequently and all damage must be reported immediately. Naturally, if the damage is found, this area should be isolated until the issue can be rectified.

Pallet damage issues

Pallet damage is obviously a leading cause of racking collapse. But many pallets become damaged because they are unsuitable for the racking system or the product. Using the right pallets for your racking system is critical for safe operation. Likewise, the use of faulty or old pallets can affect the overall load of the rack. Ensuring a uniformly distributed load prevents against unbalanced loading, the primary cause of collapse outside of collision.

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Other common causes of racking problems

While most racking collapses are the result of damaged pallets, there is also a wide range of other issues that lead to collapse. For a more comprehensive overview, check out, but as a summary, these causes include; employees climbing the racking, impact damage from heavy items being dropped, overloading, dislodgement and small damage going unreported.

The big picture

Even with the best risk assessment practices, no storage site can ever be completely risk-free, but there are small, conceptual steps you can take to greatly improve safety. Encouraging two-way communication is crucial to safety and this must be implemented across the business.

When employees feel rushed, hushed and susceptible to punishment, they won’t tell their managers when things go wrong. They will simply try to fix the issue or hide the damage. And in racking, hiding damage is the last thing you want to do.… Read More

The Importance of Children’s Learning Desk

The children’s study table is a must-have for children. Certainly as parents we want to provide comfort learning for children, and child’s study desk is present to meet those needs.

When your home has a large room, it is suitable to be made a special area of ​​learning where there are many facilities including a child’s study table. Conversely if your child’s room is small, then you can put the child’s study table outdoors like in the family room.

According to an expert, children’s desk should be placed in the bedroom, because if placed in the family room or television room, children can be disturbed concentration.

Currently, there are many variations in the form of children’s desks, ranging from the funny to the office desk, all of which are tailored to the tastes of children. But the most important is how the child’s study table has good learning facilities such as a book store, hanging bags, a large area to place computers, and various drawers to store children’s personal items.

Choose a child’s study table

To have the ideal form of study table for children, it is advisable to change desks periodically, but this is also much avoided by some people because it considers waste. There is no harm in using a desk for children, but the most important thing is a strong material that is so durable for several years and a size large enough to be in harmony with the growth of children. In addition there are also some tips that you can read the following.

– Children’s study table as needed

To choose a suitable children’s desk should be in accordance with the posture and the needs of the child. Children would want to have an all-in-one study table, so they can easily put their things on the desk. For that required a desk wide enough to study small locations to put your child’s stuff. Also adjust to the child’s posture, do not let your child feel uncomfortable using the desk just because it is too small or even too big.

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