The pros and cons of legalizing marijuana has not stopped until early 2017. Recent studies start now in explaining the benefits of marijuana for medical world in detail. But it was not enough to convince all governments of several states to legalize marijuana. So, despite having health benefits, why marijuana is still prohibited?

Can Fight Cancer

Marijuana, or cannabis, aka marijuana is a plant that lives and grows in the highlands. Generally, the plant is consumed in the form of cigarettes. However, people cannot carelessly embed marijuana because of very strict monitoring. Practical only a number of doctors such Florida Marijuana that used marijuana as medicine and countries like the Netherlands, Canada, and the United States (mostly state) wrote that citizens can freely propagate and consume these plants.

Marijuana has medical benefits are extensive, especially in the fight against cancer. click here from, marijuana can be processed into drugs and Nabilon Dranobinol designated as an enhancer of the immune system in chemotherapy patients. Other functions, marijuana can also be used as a sedative that suppress nausea, overcome anxiety and post-operative trauma. No wonder this plant is often used specifically for the world of medicine with a watchful eye. For reasons that, came the voices of young people for legalizing marijuana. Attributes and tagline like ‘420’, smoke weed, until the red-and-yellow-green may symbolize support for marijuana.